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Ultradec 8331 Moisture Cure Urethane

Ultradec 8331 is a single component, 42% solids moisture cure urethane finish specially formulated to enhance the grain and beauty of your hardwood floors. Not a plastic look, but an elegant finish that adds a new dimension to your business or home with less maintenance than other finishes. Ultradec 8331 penetrates and becomes part of the wood, remaining flexible for years. It resists cleaning chemicals, alcohol, pet stains, alkali and acids. Just sweep and damp mop, and your floor looks new again. No waxing ever! You'll probably replace your furniture before your floor needs refinishing. Ultradec 8331 is currently used throughout the United States by several of the largest restaurant chains. These are the highest traffic areas known where hardwood floors are used. It is also being used in office buildings, hotels, and residential homes. Ultradec 8331 actually costs less than competitive finishes because of its superior performance characteristics and low maintenance requirements.

Ultradec 8339 Aliphatic Moisture Cure Urethane


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